How to download your pictures from Instagram

For my first blog post, I will be posting a small trick that will enable Instagram users to download images from a desktop browser.

For this tutorial, I will use my own Instagram account to save a picture from the website. To open your Instagram account on a desktop browser, simply add your corresponding URL which looks like
Make sure you replace your username appropriately in the above URL to access your instagram account on a desktop browser. For those who configured their Instagram account to private, you will need to sign in to see your pictures.

Once loaded, you will see a collection of your posts which looks similar like the image below.

To view the image or video you wish to download, simply click on the image. The post will pop up as shown below.

I clicked on the first image and the image popped up larger in size. At this stage, some people make a screenshot and use picture editing tools such as Paint to get the image. Well, this does not enable you to get the image with the original resolutions.

One way to get download the image with original resolution is to perform the following:

  • Right-Click on the Image

  • Click on Inspect Element
  • Once you finish the above steps, you will see some lines of code. From here, it will take you seconds to download the image.

    The highlighted lines of codes will give you direct access to the image where you can easily download it. Just copy the codes and paste them in a text editor.
    To copy the codes, double-click on the highlighted text and press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C to copy.

    After you paste it in a text editor like notepad, notepad++ or word, you will now remove unnecessary characters. This is explained furthur below.

    The codes look as follows:


    Perform the following steps:

  • Remove everything before https

  • Replace =2 by :

  • Replace =1 by .

  • Remove any double quotes in the link

    That's it. Copy the link and paste it on the address bar. Just right-click and save your desired image to your desktop computer.

    Hope you liked it. Feel free to share and follow me on my Instagram account.